ECO Resin

After lots of research and development we are very pleased with our new resin and the fact that it is so environmentally friendly.

CHEMSET® Eco Resin is a lightly fragranced, solvent-free, non-toxic, easy to use, versatile epoxy resin that can be used to produce top quality domed and enamelled items.

CHEMSET® Eco Resin is made using epoxy constituents manufactured in a pioneering manufacturing facility that utilises by-products from other chemical manufacturing processes carried out on the same site to produce its top quality epoxy resins. Containing more than 35% less environmentally hazardous epoxy ingredients than other doming and enamelling resins currently on the market, CHEMSET® Eco Resin is a truly innovative product that provides both a reduced carbon footprint and reduced environmental impact compared to other products that can be used for the same purpose.

CHEMSET® Eco Resin gives the same high quality finish as our other enamelling resin systems enabling it to be used to enhance the appearance of an ever growing range of products.

This resin has a storage life of at least 1 year if kept in closed, damp-proof containers, out of sunlight, at temperatures between 15 and 25C.


When CHEMSET® Eco Resin is properly mixed and cured using our recommendations it is completely inert and free from active toxic substances. It contains no solvent or other volatile material and is not flammable at normal temperatures.

Being almost colourless, when properly proportioned and cured, CHEMSET® Eco Resin has a water-like clarity and a bright shiny surface that is both hardwearing and scratch resistant.

CHEMSET® Eco Resin has good chemical resistance enabling items made with it to withstand dry cleaning solvents when used to make clothing accessories.

CHEMSET Eco Resin can be coloured by the addition of up to 5% by weight of any CHEMSET® Epoxy Colour Paste, which must be added to the resin and mixed in before proportioning. These colour pastes contain low concentrations of the same epoxy resin as is used in the manufacture of CHEMSET Eco Resin giving two advantages over other colouring products. Firstly, the colour paste reacts 100% into the cured epoxy and secondly its use maintains the environmentally friendly nature of the resin material. They also contain no solvents or other volatile materials.

14 Responses to “We have launched a new resin!”

  1. Dianne Cracknell

    I am looking for a 2 part resin 1to 1 mix that I can teach with and resell?

    • R F Bright Enterprises Ltd

      Hi Dianne, did you get the samples we sent you on the 22nd?

  2. Tessa T

    Could I use this for jewellery casting? Some eco resins are too soft. I have a jewellery business and wondered how tough it would be. I am looking for an eco resin. Thanks

    • Bright Enterprises

      Hello Tessa,
      Yes, our Eco resin is ideal for jewellery casting. Not only is it tough it is also scratch-resistant.

  3. Laurent

    Hi, Would this eco resin be suitable for casting to depths of around 10mm, across c.A4 sized panels? The only other eco resins I’ve found seem to only be suitable for laminating/infusion and not casting, so this would be great if so! What is the cost and how would I go about getting hold of some? Thanks.

    • Bright Enterprises

      Hello Laurent, yes, you could use the eco resin for casting to this depth but you would need to build it up in layers to avoid it getting too hot during the curing process.
      Please email us your contact details or give us a call and we can answer all of your questions.

  4. Daisy Dunlop


    I also have a jewellery business and am really interested in your new product
    I used polyester and Epoxy resin for years and then switched to BioResin for the past 6 years. It is unreliable as a product and at the moment I am having to order in a very protracted way from a company in France.
    Could you possible send me a sample and the spec sheets…? I use mostly silicone moulds. I don’t want to go back to working with something as toxic as the polymer resins I used previously but am eager to find a new supplier/material. I need to have a look at how well it could handle my existing jewellery range….does it use a vacuum chamber? (I have one) How is the yellowing? Does the top layer cure or have to be removed? Thank you in advance for your help.

    Many thanks


    • Bright Enterprises

      Hello Daisy,
      Thank you for your interest in the CHEMSET Eco Enamelling Resin. We will email a product information sheet to you and send you a sample to try.
      To answer your specific questions:
      Whether or not you need to use a vacuum chamber will depend on the complexity of your moulds and whether you are able to mix without adding in too much air.
      All epoxies will yellow over time. Provided you follow our recommendations for mixing and curing you will find ours will yellow less than most.
      Yes, provided you follow our instructions and mix it properly it will all cure!

  5. Karon


    I’m Karon Ng and I am a final year textile design student from Central Saint Martins in London. I am currently working on my final major project that uses sustainable materials. I am very interested in the CHEMSET Eco Enamelling Resin and I would like to know if I could have a sample and a product information sheet of it?

    Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best Regards,
    Karon Ng

  6. Timothy Wills

    Does this product become waterproof when set/hardened? Looking for a non-poisonous resin to use in food environments such as filling small holes in plastic/acrylic sinks.

  7. becky

    Hi there, I am eager to find a new supplier of eco resin nans love the sound of your product for jewellery making.

    Is your product tested on animals atall? Could it be classed as cruelty free and vegan friendly?

  8. Rachel

    Hi, would this be a suitable medium for embedding sea glass pieces? I’d like to sample it – is it possible to purchase a trial-sized bottle?


  9. Emily

    Hi there, is there a limit to how large a volume can I cast with this resin? I understand that I would need to do this in stages due to the heat reaction of casting resin. I work for a product design company that has a particular regard for sustainability.
    Could you also tell me what other sustainable products you make? Thanks

  10. Annie McNeely

    Hi I’m a jeweller and I’m currently experimenting with casting resin in combination with other materials so shrinkage and clarity or especially important. Would it be possible to obtain a sample and data sheet please? So far I’ve been using a polyester resin but if I could get good results with an eco resin I’d be delighted.
    Many thanks Annie McNeely


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