We are proud to represent UNIPRE and have been doing so for over 30 years.  We believe their machines are the best on the market and, being German engineered, they are always built to a high standard.  Unipre are continually researching new technology and upgrading their machines to meet the latest milestones.  The machines are bespoke to their application but are still versatile enough to tackle a change of material or application.

We often buy back machines, which we then overhaul and sell back into the market place.  Being so well engineered these machines just keep working on and on.  The oldest machine we have on record as still being in service was built in 1986 and is owned by Manuplas.  This year Manuplas took delivery of their latest UNIPRE machine, so they are in our record books as having the oldest and newest machines! It’s always great to receive feedback from a long-established customer that has bought several UNIPRE machines over the years.  Here is what they say: –

“We are getting on very well with the new machine, all the sprayers are very impressed with it.”

Andy Andrews

Production Engineer


by Advanced Insulation

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