It has been brought to our attention that some of our former distributors are still selling our enamelling products after they have passed their best before date.  Doing this is damaging to our reputation which is for supplying quality products.  We are therefore giving you a few guidelines on what to look for when buying CHEMSET enamelling materials.


Resin:-  Our enamelling resins are ‘water white’.  The colour should look the same as water does when it comes out of the tap.  Sometimes the resin can crystalize, especially if it has been stored at a temperature of between 5 and 9°C, and then it may look cloudy or appear to have white crystals in it.  If this is the case you can warm the resin yourself to melt the crystals or return the resin to your supplier.


Hardener:- Our enamelling hardeners should also be ‘water white’. The hardener will go yellow with age especially if it is kept in a place where it is exposed to sunlight.  Hardener should not be kept for more than 6 months if you are doing clear resin work.  Check the colour when you buy it.  If you have had it a long time check the colour before you use it.  It can stay a good colour for more than 6 months if you keep it out of sunlight and clean the top of the can/bottle before replacing the top tightly each time you use it.


Colours Pastes:-  Colour pastes last for years …… except sometimes CHEMSET EP 4012 Yellow!  Some people find that this yellow paste goes hard after a period of time and we have yet to work out why. Once we know why it happens we will do something about it, but it has never happened to our stock!


Glitters, Sparkles and Pearls:- These special effects are suspended in resin and we do know that some former distributors are still selling old stock.  Check the jars to make sure the resin does not look yellow before you use it.  The newest jars have a security tag over the lid to stop them unscrewing.  Stir the contents before you start to weigh it out and if the resin is very thick and stringy it is too old – send it back!

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