We have had our first Agents Day where we invited our Agents to come along and spend some time with us.

After a walk round our premises and a coffee we settled down to a talk on why we don’t recommend using 1:1 resins and volumetric resins. These are sub-standard epoxies and our moto is quality above price!  We have customers that will not use anything else but CHEMSET as the ‘failure rate is non-existent’ so one customer says.

A light lunch followed and then we had a play time with our Fleximould.  We made moulds from coins and marvelled at the details that Fleximould copied.  The Agents each took home a mould and hopefully we will see some castings from them shortly.

We had a run though the product range and the different resins and hardeners.  One resin does not ‘fit all’ and we explained which resins to use for which applications.

If you need any advice from us or our Agents please get in touch.  We have been formulating resins for nearly 50 years…………….there’s not much about them we don’t know!

Have a great Easter.

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