What a busy few days we have had!

Resin8, our small order agent, has a sale on right now so don’t forget to stock up on those all-important resins and hardeners.  Colour pastes are also reduced in price so it’s well worth getting them now too.

Check out the bright enamels web site at http://www.brightenamels.co.uk/where-to-buy.php#section2 for all your hobby size material packs.  The site also has a calendar full of workshops that you can attend to learn more about the cold enamelling process.  Although these workshops are mainly centered around jewellery the principle is the same for all applications.

We have several stockists for our resin products; their details are also on our brightenamels site.  Sometimes only a small amount of colour paste is required; many of our stockists have colour pastes available in 30g jars.

Clare John from Resin8 made another television appearance on Monday on the Jewellery Maker shopping channel.  If you want to watch head on over to our CHEMSET Cold Enamelling Facebook site to find the link.  Don’t forget to ‘like’ the page if you want to keep up to date with our enamelling news.  There are loads of photos on the Facebook page too that should give you lots of inspiration or you could buy Clare’s book which is available from our brightenamels website along with the enamelling starter packs and DVD’s.  These can all be found under the ‘where to buy’ tab.

The current edition of Making Jewellery magazine has a fabulous article by Fiona Potter on our enamelling resins and her new business venture.  The article also has plenty of tips to help you when using resin.  For guidance on weighing out the correct amounts of resin and hardener look up the FAQ questions on Resin8’s web site  http://resin8.co.uk/faqs-27-w.asp

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