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History of RF Bright Enterprises Ltd



Mr Ronald Bright formed Applications Technology (Resins) Ltd to promote, in conjunction with a Swiss manufacturer, the latest technology in the uses of epoxy resins. In the years that followed, a great deal of experience and a vast technical knowledge were gained in solving specific and difficult problems for individual customers. Custom formulations were developed in conjunction with several major customers to meet their exacting criteria and these formulations remain the bedrock of today’s sales programme. Some of the first products developed were specified on production drawings that are still in use today, even though the company that initially produced the drawings no longer exists.


The company became independent, retaining its formulae and expertise and changed its name to R F Bright Enterprises Ltd. Three divisions were formed, each specialising in a specific area.

The Applications Technology Division, formed from Applications Technology (Resins) Ltd, continues to manufacture, supply and develop formulated epoxy resin systems. A number of highly successful formulations have been developed which have become standards and form the basis of our CHEMSET® range of well-proven compositions in the fields of adhesives, electronic encapsulation/potting/impregnating compounds, as well as flooring and surface coating materials and others. The basic formulations are, however, regularly modified to produce individually tailored materials to meet customer’s specific requirements – even for relatively small amounts – as every problem solved is a further gain in knowledge.


Mr Bright’s eldest daughter, Jennifer, joined the company having just completed a one year RSA business studies course at Erith College of Technology.


Two years later Mr Bright’s second daughter, Amanda, joined the business part time, whilst continuing to work at Lloyds Bank where she completed seven years’ service.


The company established itself as the sole distributor in the UK and Republic of Ireland for the U.S. manufactured Glenmarc range of dispensing, metering and meter-mix machines.


RF Bright became the UK representative for the German company UNIPRE as sole agent for their range of multi-component casting and hot spraying machines in the UK and Ireland. At the retirement of the company’s retained solicitor and company secretary, the role of company secretary was passed to Jennifer.


Amanda joined the business full time and was made a director of the company.


The closure of Glenmarc’s only other European distributor enabled the Company to take on the distributorship for Glenmarc’s products throughout the whole of Europe and, more recently, the company has been appointed sales agent for Michael Engineering, another US machinery supplier, who manufacture meter, mixing and dispensing equipment for silicone, urethane, epoxy and acrylic resins.


The Company launched its first website, which produced enquiries for its products from across the globe. Following an extensive business review, including a programme of staff training, the Company became able to dispatch its products, many of which are classed as hazardous for road, sea and air transport, to customers worldwide.


The directors decided that the Company needed to move to larger premises as it was, at that time, occupying 4 buildings on two separate sites.  The directors felt that moving into one large building would improve productivity.


The business explored the hobby and cottage industry markets and decided that offering a range of products in smaller sized containers would be appropriate. An agent was appointed in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter but this was unsuccessful.


This year was characterised by surveys, plans and endless paperwork ahead of relocating. The directors were trying to obtain planning permission to build their ideal new building on the existing site. They later abandoned this idea and started a hunt for business premises elsewhere.


The Company’s new premises in Aylesford were purchased and the recession hit England. Development work on Special Effect resins for the hobby market was started.


Clare John was appointed Small Order and Mail Order Agent. Clare undertook a teacher’s degree and started running workshops and teaching in colleges. Since then this area of the business has boomed and grown more than was ever imagined. Clare now trades under the name of Resin8.


This was the year the Company really started to feel the effect of the recession, two years after it officially started. Having a diverse range of products and markets helped the business through this difficult time. A grant application was submitted to help the business move into its new premises. Planning permission was taking an age!


The Company moved into its Aylesford building after lots of fitting out and juggling.


Saw the Company’s products first appearance on a TV shopping channel.


The Company embarked on a planned launch of its sales programme on to the French market and, with the support of its French representative, Cookson CLAL, is successfully broadening its exposure within France. A range of fluorescent colour pastes was launched.


Our range of glow in the dark colours was launched as was a volumetric epoxy resin system. The Company also won another big defence contract for Unipre machines.


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