In recent times a number of new resins have appeared on the market, generally of foreign origin, aimed at getting your custom by using emotive gimmicks and claims. Beware, they offer nothing of worthwhile newness and most are based on old, outdated technology.


What is a bio resin?

One such product offered claims superiority by reason of being based on renewable materials but if you study the literature this amounts to the addition of a percentage of an additive from a renewable source put in to reduce brittleness of the unmodified resin. It is not chemically bound in and is capable of migrating out. CHEMSET® needs no such additives as the plasticizer is chemically built in to the pure resin which makes it a natural Bio resin.


Reduced Environmental Impact

In comparison with what?

Used properly according to the instructions (which applies to all and every two component resin) CHEMSET® Enamelling Resins have no detrimental effect on the environment.


Food Safe

Because one particular application technique gains approval for use in contact with food it does not necessarily mean the product is approved for any other food contact use. So be wary.



Sounds nice doesn’t it? But it describes a number of plastics materials of a certain chemical structure. They all cure using heat or a catalyst both of which are dubious requirements for use in the home. The cured products are not particularly durable, are generally brittle, have high shrinkage when curing and mostly have an unacceptable odour.



A cross linkable solid resin dissolved in a liquid which acts as a solvent but also crosslinks into the system when activated by a very chemically active catalyst although safer ones are available now.


This liquid is normally smelly styrene and its use is restricted in industrial use as it is an undesirable substance. The crosslinking process leads to shrinkage of about 10 times the shrinkage of epoxy.


Polyesters have poor adhesion to many substrates and their chemical resistance is poor especially to strong solvents and alkalis. They also burn readily.Their advantage is low cost.


So which do you choose? After you’ve put in your time and talent carefully preparing your base article do you really want to risk spoiling it with anything other than the best quality enamel?


EPOXY – safe, strong, minimal shrinkage, chemical resistant, tough, environmentally protective, fire resistant and all backed up by the best after sale service you could wish for = CHEMSET.

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