We have added a casting resin to our range of CHEMSET Eco resins!  This new resin has great UV resistance too.

Newly launched is our Eco Casting resin.  Like our other CHEMSET Eco resin this is made using epoxy constituents manufactured in a pioneering manufacturing facility that utilises by-products from other chemical manufacturing processes carried out on the same site to produce its top quality epoxy resins. Containing more than 35% less environmentally hazardous epoxy ingredients than other epoxy casting resins currently on the market, CHEMSET® Eco Casting Resin is a truly innovative product that provides both a reduced carbon footprint and reduced environmental impact compared to other products that can be used for the same purpose.

CHEMSET® Eco Casting Resin resin is a unique two-component epoxy casting resin that will faithfully replicate any mould surface.  With its water white clarity and producing a bright shinny surface it is hard wearing and scratch resistant too. 

With a storage life of at least 6 months if kept in recommended conditions and containing no solvents or other volatile materials this is a must have resin.

6 Responses to “Introducing Our New Casting Resin”

  1. Harry Fricker


    I already use your resins a lot for my personal projects. We are looking to make resin casting more sustainable in the fabrication dep at the university I work at. We currently use polyesters as they’re cheap for the students but it’s not good and the results are average at best. Could you possibly provide a price list for this new Chemset eco resin? e.g. how much for smallest amount we can order, right up to largest amount for buying in bulk discounts.

    Also, whats the thinnest/thickest section this could be cast in?



    • Bright Enterprises

      Hello Harry,
      Thank you for your enquiry, we hope you are keeping well. It’s good news that your university is looking into more sustainable materials.
      We’ll email prices for the CHEMSET Eco Casting Resin to you.
      How thick you can cast the resin depends on a number of factors, which mainly relate to how well the heat generated during the curing process can dissipate. If you want to cast pieces using more than 100ml of resin we would recommend the resin is cast in layers.

  2. Jessica

    Hi there, I’m looking for a stockist for this ecoresin to use for jewellery-making with silicone moulds. Please could you tell me which retailers are currently sell it? The Beading Fantastic/Jasmine shops were out of stock. Thanks.

  3. Becky


    I am looking for a more sustainable casting resin for some relatively large projects of mine. Is this one clear and UV stable? Also a price list would be very useful.

    Many Thanks.

    • Bright Enterprises

      Hello Becky,
      Yes, our product is clear and relatively UV stable.
      We don’t have a price list as such, please email us on enquiries@rfbright.co.uk to advise what quantities you would be looking to purchase and we’ll be happy to send you a quote.


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