Have you seen our fabulous new guide to cold enamelling brochure?  We love it!

You can down load a copy from the Bright Enamels website now brightenamels.co.uk/information

It explains all the enamelling resins that we manufacture and how to use them.  And don’t forget they are all MADE IN BRITAIN.

3 Responses to “New Enamelling Booklet”

  1. Dianne Cracknell aka Dizzy Di

    Hi I design kits and workshops I would also be intrested in your new cold enamels as well.

  2. Mandy

    Hi Dianne, Thanks for your interest. I have your phone number so will give you a call to discuss.

  3. Gail Corvera

    The book begins with the necessary tools and equipment safety concerns, enamel colors, and a few other materials that can be used to complete projects.


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