We are thrilled to announce the arrival of our latest new product CHEMSET Picture Glaze.  We have been developing this product for 2 years and are now ready to launch our superb new resin addition.  This resin can be used to coat any painting medium to give a clear glossy finish to your artwork.  It is also ideal for pouring over a finished jigsaw puzzle that has been painstakingly put together to keep it safe for mounting on a wall or within a table top.


We would very much like to dedicate the launch of this product to a wonderful lady – Liz Welch, who has been one of the testers for this new material.  You may have seen Liz on Jewellery Maker TV. Liz has sadly been diagnosed with cancer again after suffering breast cancer 2 years ago; she is a very strong lady and has a wonderful outlook on life.  Read her blog here and get inspiration from her and her work at http://www.rarelizzie.com/.  We all send our love to her and her family.


CHEMSET Picture Glaze is a low viscosity resin, which makes it ideal to run over your chosen art work.  It is non-flammable and therefore a flame can be passed over the surface to help burst any air bubbles and make your finished piece perfect.  As it contains no solvents or VOC’s CHEMSET Picture Glaze is safe to use in your home or studio.  The resin runs freely and is self-leaving making it an ideal medium to use for spreading over your art.  It sets to form a clear, bubble-free, scratch-resistant coating with a high gloss.  We have had glowing reports back from our testers stating that it really makes their art work come alive.


Another of our testers, Fiona Potter, has made an amazing piece of artwork for Mixed Up magazine using some of our decorative enamelling resins topped off with the CHEMSET Picture Glaze. This article is being used to launch this amazing new resin and we are delighted that Fiona’s work has been given pride of place on the front cover.

4 Responses to “New Resin Launch”

  1. Martin E York

    Guys..I wonder…? Do you have courses where I can learn more about creating resin based Jewellery?

    Melton Mowbray

  2. Mazhar Ali


    we need Resin material please advise the minimum order quantity and price .

    Looking forward fr your favorable response.

    Best Regards

    • Bright Enterprises

      Hello Mazhar,
      We manufacture many resin products each designed to do a different job. Please email us at enquiries@rfbright.co.uk with details of what you want the resin to do and we’ll be happy to make some recommendations.


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