So, what is Epoxy resin? Is it an Organic product or is it an Inorganic product?  If you search the internet you will get all sorts of answers.  What is your view? – here’s ours……

We produce an Eco resin; this resin is called Eco as the manufacturing process is sensitive to the environment and therefore has reduced our carbon footprint.  However, people confuse Eco with Bio and ask about our Bio resin, in our opinion, it is not Bio it is Eco.

So, what is Bio?  We believe bio means either bio-degradable or plant based.  Epoxies are not bio-degradable – they are a thermoplastic and once set cannot, ever, be ‘unset’. Nor are they plant based as they are made from petroleum. Or are they?  Oil is a natural product and although in itself is not directly from plants, it is indirectly as it is formed from decomposed plankton on the sea bed.  So, is it Organic then? 

Several companies suggest, or hint, that their resin comes from the sap of trees, like the yellow resin that comes from pine trees – this is a myth and you need to question this.  Look on the health and safety sheets; they will show you what it is made from and this is usually includes a bisphenol product which comes from oil, not from trees!

So, your thoughts are?  Is an oil-based product Organic?  Can we claim our products are bio? 

Start the conversation……………….

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