CHEMSET® EE5301 Epoxy Impregnating Compound


A three component epoxy system with a variable pot life and gel time. Developed as a low viscosity system for the impregnation of windings the system is also ideal for other potting applications where penetration into small spaces is essential.

Mixing Ratio (wt:wt) 100 parts resin to 85 parts hardener plus 0 – 5 parts accelerator

Pot Life of 100g mix @ 20°C (without accelerator): 10 hours +

Pot Life of 100g mix at 20oC (with 1 part accelerator): 20 minutes

Curing (with 1 part accelerator): 5 hours at 120°C plus 5 hours at 150°C

Used for impregnation of windings, penetration into small spaces.

Resin supplied in 6kg and 30kg packs; Hardener in 5.5kg & 27kg packs; Accelerator in 1kg packs

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