CHEMSET® ES8204 Epoxy Enamelling Hardener (Type A)


Epoxy enamelling hardener to use with all Type A resins within the enamelling products range. These include ES8103, ES8110, ES8510 & ES8511.

Can also be used with ES8124 Thixotropic Resin in place of the Thixotropic Hardener ES8221 to help thin the resin if it is too viscous.

This hardener is also used with all the Transparent Coloured resins and the Special Effects resins. It has the same clear, bright surface produced by hardener ES8203.

For mixing ratio, pot life and curing refer to Resin Component information.

Supplied in 500g, 1kg, 2.5kg, 5kg and 25kg cans

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