CHEMSET® ES8570 to ES8580 Special Effects Sparkle Epoxy Enamelling Resins (Type A)


A range of sparkle pre-coloured resins for creating a glitter effect.

The sparkles are suspended randomly in the resin and will not sink to the bottom or float to the top so will keep a consistent glitter effect.

These resins need to be mixed with hardener only. For available colours go to

Mixing Ratio: (wt:wt) 100 parts resin to 50 parts hardener

Pot Life of 100g mix at 20°C: 1 hour

Curing: Overnight at room temperature or 3-4 hours at 35°C. Minimum cure temperature of 18°C

Used for adding sparkle to enamelled items

Supplied in 1kg and 5kg cans

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